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Meeting space---- the connection of bussiness and profession
A variety of conference rooms for 30-250 people are offered. Flat ,wide flexible design suitable for all kinds of activities, such as private party or meeting. Spring bathing in winter, playing water in summer, enjoyable silent space for VIP, and flexibly- designed and furnished settings ,and the best leisure places make your every meeting an outstanding interaction of nature and human culture.


Classroom style

theater style


Round table style


5F functional conference

60 people

100 people

45 people

8 tables

Each period $10,000/per room

6F dream factory

200 people

300 people

100 people

24 tables

Each period $20,000/per room

Notice of conference rooms:
1. 10% service charge ; evening period is extra 50% rent and 10% serice extra charged
2. Open hours: Morning 08:00-12:00,  afternoon 13:00-17:00 , evening 18:00-22:00
3. Available equipment : cloth screen, single projector, micro phone, wireless internet, whiteboard, paper and pens.
4. Snack is also served for $150/per person
5. According to the current quotation and not inform individually if price and content are varied.

Unique party spaces with wonderful match of food and utensils.
Based on eastern classical regimen by chief’s outstanding Chinese cooking skills combined with western cooking techniques, the featured local seasonable feast is presented plentifully. A variety of conference rooms , ballrooms ,superb high- ceiling ballroom decorated without any beams and columns, and simple elegant medium ballrooms are available for all kinds of meetings or wedding.