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We believe positive living attitude inspires health and feeling the warmth of spring is the best way to relax.
We believe regarding Chung Kuan as the trunk and partners as branches create the spring of happiness for customers.
We believe the passion for Jiaoxi spring can extend the career as limitless as the sky.
With the beliefs mentioned above, the current boss feels deeply pitiful that the historical grand-origin of hotels in Jiaoxi is put an end.  As a Jioaxian, the boss takes it for granted to continue the development of Jioaxian spring with responsibility and decides to land the seeds of hope. The masters are hired especially to design the resort with hearts. The featured spring bathing style only found in Jiaoxi is kept and also combined with the living style of eastern regimen and the plan to fit the needs of physical and mental relaxation following by the changes of natural seasons. Based on the Chinese rules of developing “ Yang” (which means the positive power like sun)  in spring and summer and “Yin”(which means the soft power like the moon) in fall and winter, the rooms are also equipped with high-tech spa which is perfectly contained with the rich mineral, smoothing and moisturizing features of Jiaoxi spring to bring the visitors to the wonderland of secret ,distract them away the annoying daily pressure and place them in the instantly-relaxing satisfaction of bodies and minds.